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Our windows meet highest quality standards and frames are available in a range of materials, from vinyl to aluminum to wood, depending on your personal needs and taste.


Select your choice of glass paneling by the level of thermal insulation and safety features you seek. 


Innovative and most flexible design, the European Tilt & Turn window is a highly creative solution for combining three windows in one. Also available as full-sized patio doors.

  • With the handle in the downward position, the window is shut and locked.

  • Rotate the handle 90 degrees so it points sideways, and you can pull the window open horizontally.

  • Push the window back into place, rotate the handle another 90 degrees so it points up, and then pull it back down toward you. The window now tilts inward, opening from the top, allowing for controlled ventilation.

Patio door systems come in various opening options, from sliding to tilt/slide and folding doors.

Engineering Wizard!

The tilt-and-turn window and patio door open in two perpendicular directions, requiring hinges for both directions as well as the mechanical means to engage and disengage each set with the twist of a handle. In addition, a multi-point locking mechanism provides security and a completely airtight weather seal. 

The tilt-and-turn window and patio door are securely locked with handle in downward vertical position.

A handle in horizontal position lets you open the window for convenient cleaning or letting fresh air circulate through your home.

Fully Customized Windows & Patio Doors

Match your style and architecture of your home with a wide selection of fully customized windows and patio doors in diverse designs, sizes, materials and a multitude of different colors. 


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